The Most Colorful, Bold and Unique Knobs for Your Dressers, Cabinets and Drawers

When it comes to small and colorful home decor changes with big impact knobs and handles are awesome!

Think about how many cabinets, dressers and drawers you have in your home. It seems every room in the house has them, from the kitchen to bathroom, bedroom and living room.

Sometimes you want to spice things up a bit or add some color and don’t have time for the overhaul of painting, but knobs are cheap, easy and often times fast to switch out, and boy can they pack a power punch of color!

I dug through thousands of knobs and handles online so you didn’t have to waste countless hours doing it, I found you the most colorful, bold and unique knobs.

Below is a list of over 100 knobs and handles with direct links to you can find them and purchase then quickly and easily. Make your home as colorful and unique as you are.

Every other week we are putting out a Rainbow Roundup with the most colorful home decor or art for your home, so be sure to check back often, and if you have any ideas for lists, let us know.

Abstract colorful dresser knobs

1. Colorful Camo Knobs

2.  Colorful Paisleys 

3. Rainbow Stained Glass Knobs

4. Colorful Gold Geometric Knobs 

5. Color Connection Knobs

6. Colorful Polymere Clay Knobs 

7. Abstract Colorful Stained Glass Knobs 

Colorful unique cabinet knobs

8. Rainbow Oval Knobs 

9. Modern Colorful Geometric Knob 

10. Colorful Variety Knobs 

11. Colorful Stained Glasses Knobs

12. Colorful Pattern Knobs

13. Abstract Retro Knobs 

14. Tea time Colorful Knobs 

15. Light Hearted Mandala Knobs

16. Geometric Dream Knobs

17. Magical Rainbow Knobs 

Colorful animal drawer knobs

18. Butterfly Colorful Knobs 

19. Modern Colorful Bird Knobs

20. Colorful Rooster Knobs

21. Colorful Bird Knobs 

22. Colorful Fish Knobs

23. Colorful Cute Owl Knobs 

Colorful boho drawer knobs

24. Beautiful Boho Bead Knob

25. Colorful Tribal Knob 

26. Reflective Sea Shell Knobs 

27. Dark Shades Colorful Mandala Knobs

28. Country Kitchen Knobs 

29. Multi Colored Pattern Knobs

30. Colorful Flower Knobs 

31. Bright Mandala Knobs 

32. Colorful Crystal Geode Knobs 

33. Vintage Style Knobs 

34. Magical Mandala Knobs 

35. Colorful Paisleys 

Colorful flower cabinet knobs

36. Spring Time Colorful Flower Knob 

37. Colorful Sugar Skull Knob 

38. Different Shaped Colorful Flowers Knobs

39. Bold Flower Shaped Knobs 

40. Peace Love Flowers Knobs 

41. Blue Sky Flower Knobs

42. Multi Color Pinwheel Knob Set 

43. Glass Flower Knobs 

44. Colorful Bunch of Flowers Knob

45. Funky Saguaro Cactus Knobs

46. Pastel Boho Knobs 

47. Colorful Wildflower Knobs 

Colorful kids room cabinet and drawer knobs

49. Colorful Puzzle Pieces Knob

50. Noah Arch Knobs 

51. Colorful Construction Knobs

52. Pink Paisleys Knobs 

53. Rainbow Bug Knobs 

54. Rainbow Robot Knobs 

55. Colorful Monster Knobs 

56. Rainbow Outer Space Knobs 

57. Colorful Baby Nursery Knobs 

58. Polka Dot Dino Rainbow Knobs 

Colorful unique kid knobs

59. Rainbow Alphabet Knobs 

60. Colorful Peter Rabbit Knobs 

61. Colorful Vehicle Knobs 

62. Sea Life Knobs 

63. Boho Woodland Creatures Knobs

64. Rocketship Knobs

65. Colorful Sea Creatures Knobs

66. Space Rocket Knobs 

67. Rainbow Dino Knobs 

68. Lego Knobs 

69. Cute and Colorful Under The Sea Knobs 

70. Colorful Train Handles 

71. Rainbow Circus Knobs 

73. Colorful Deep Space Knobs 

Colorful and unique cabinet knobs

74. Colorful Lego Knob

75. Pretty Pattern Knobs 

76. Multi Color Lego Handles 

77. Colorful Button Knobs 

78. Colorful Coral Reef Knobs 

79. Simple Rainbow Knob

80.Cute Little Rainbow Knob

81. Funky Tye Dye Knob 

82. Colorful Acorn Knobs

83. Whimsical Houses Knobs 

84. Colorful Cosmic Knobs

85. Colorful Fruits and Veggies Knobs 

86. Colorful Laundry Room Knobs 

Colorful polka dot and striped knobs

87. Colorful Stripe and Polka Dot Knob 

88. Shabby Chic Polka Dot Knobs 

89. Colorful Glass Confetti Knobs

90. Colorful Chakra Knob 

91. Colorful Stripe Knobs 

92. Pretty Pastel Stripes Knob

93. Summer Time Stripes Knob 

94. Watercolor Polka Dots Knob

95. Bulls Eye Polka Dot Knobs

96. Colorful Decorative Stripe Knobs 

97. Rainbow Polka Dot Star Knob 

98. Rainbow Button Knob 

99. Glitter Polka Dot Knob 

100. Colorful Polka Dot Knobs 

101. Rainbow Polka Dot Shape Knobs 

Most bright solid colored knobs

102. Glossy Traditional Knobs 

103. Colorful Sea Glass Knobs 

104. Colorful Glass Knobs

105. Smooth Solid Colored Handle 

106. Elevated Solid Colored Handles 

107. Geometric Solid Colored Knobs 

108. Solid Classic Wood Knobs 

109. Pastel Shabby Chic Knobs 

110. Smooth Solid Colored Handle 

111. Solid Knobs of All Colors 

112. Solid Colored Handle 

113. Pastel Cotton Candy Knobs 

114. Metal Colorful Glass Accent Handles 

115. Shabby Chic Colorful Knobs 

116. Solid Color Chiseled Handles 

117. Solid Color Standard Handles 

118. Shabby Chic Handles 

119. Solid Colored Traditional Knobs 

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