The Most Colorful, Unique and Bold Woven Baskets For Your Home

What’s something that’s not only helpful with organizing a room, but is also beautiful just by itself? Colorful Baskets! This weeks Rainbow Roundup is colorful baskets of all types.  

I’ve spent 11 hours searching Etsy, Amazon, and a few other sites to find the most unique, colorful, bold and beautiful baskets you can buy to organize and decorate any room in your home. 

There is a good variety of both big and small baskets on this list along with many different styles. Some of the baskets are woven with grasses and plants, others with fabric, some are made with recycled items, beads, wires, paper and even one with puzzles!

If you find a basket you love you can find the link to the shop below the numbered photos…. Several of the baskets you see here are unique and one of a kind, so they might be sold, but the store or artist will most likely have other baskets very similar to it, or might even be able to make a custom one for you. 

I apologize if there are a few duplicate baskets, I make this list all by myself and its easy to accidentally list items twice because there are so many of them. 


Colorful unique woven baskets

1. Colorful Mexican Tortilla Basket 

2. Rainbow Large Storage Basket 

3. Rainbow Rope Basket 

4. Colorful Market Bag Basket

5. Multi Colored Coil Basket 

6. Large Colorful Woven Basket 

7. Hot Pink and Yellow Moroccan Basket 

8. Recycled Yellow Maine Lobster Rope Basket 

9. Colorful Native American Beaded Basket 

Colorful baskets for home decor

10. Hot Pink and Green Basket With Lid

11. Peruvian Scallop Basket Bowl 

12. Colorful Small Storage Basket 

13. Colorful Junk mail Baskets 

14. Vibrant Organe Woven Bakset 

15. Peruvian Bowl With Beaded Accents 

16. Large White and Rainbow Basket 

17. Colorful Recycled Handwoven Baskets 

18. Pink and Purple Recycled Lobster Rope Basket 

Unique bold vibrant baskets

19. Large Colorful African Woven Baskets 

20. Upcycled Colorful Coil Basket 

21. Blue Coil Basket 

22. Yellow and Blue Basket 

23. Colorful Palm Straw Basket Bowl 

24. Beautiful Rainbow Basket with Lid 

25. Colorful Recycled Paper Basket with Lid 

26. Colorful Recycled Coil Basket 

27. Beautiful Colorful Crochet Basket 

The most colorful baskets online

28. Colorful Elephant Grass Basket

29. Colorful Tortilla Warming Basket 

30. Green Rolled Paper Basket 

31. Pink, Orange, Green and Blue Basket 

32. Colorful Orange and Green Shopping Basket 

33. Large Elephant Grass Colored Basket 

34. Small Bright Pink Decorative Basket

34b. Large Multi Colored Storage Basket 

35. Colorful Floral Mexican Tortilla Baskets 

List of most colorful baskets online

36. Autumn colored Woven Basket 

37. Colorful Newspaper Square Bowl Baskets

38. Dreamy Rainbow Bowl Basket 

39. Purple Basket with Lid

40.  Purple Orange and Blue Woven Storage Basket 

41. Bright Colored Coil Basket 

42. Multi Color Moroccan Basket With Lid 

43. Large Rattan African Basket 

44. Round Newspaper Basket Bowls 

Bold colorful vibrant baskets

45. Vibrant Market Basket 

46. Teal and Pink Basket 

47. Colorful Rainbow Swirl Bowl Plate

48. Colorful Zulu Basket 

49. Large Woven Grass Bowl Plate

50. Rainbow Beaded Hut Basket 

51. Colorful Small Basket 

52. Colorful Market Basket 

53. Blue and Green Basket 

Colorful woven baskets

54. Colorful Square Basket 

55. Large Vibrant Pot Basket 

56. Pastel Nesting Bowls

57. Colorful Moroccan Basket With Lid

58. Colorful Zig Zag Basket 

59. Rainbow Tortilla Basket 

60. Colorful Elephant Grass Basket

61. Blue and Green Basket 

62. Diamond Pattern Rainbow Basket with Lid

Colorful woven baskets for house

63. Blue Multi Colored Crochet Basket 

64. Pink Woven Guatemalan Basket 

65. Blue Desert Swirl Basket 

66. Pink and Green Shopping Basket 

67. Colorful Rainbow Star Basket 

68. Dreamy Blue Fabric Basket 

69. Orange Woven Guatemalan Basket 

70. Floral Colorful Mexican Baskets 

71. Purple and Teal Tye Dyr T-shirt Basket 

Colorful baskets

72. Rainbow Cylinder Basket 

73. Checker Colored Basket 

74. Rolled Paper Basket 

75. Zig Zag Swirl Basket 

76. Colorful African Basket with Lid

77. Pink and Blue Woven Basket 

78. Beautiful Floral Rainbow Tortilla Basket 

79. Multi Colored Crocheted Nesting Basket 

80. Rainbow Basket With Lid 

Colorulf woven baskets

81. Colorful Recycled T-shirt Basket with Lid

82. Solid Color Crochet Nesting Baskets 

83. Fun and Funky Recycled Coil Basket 

84. Rainbow Jute Basket 

85. Colorful Zulu Telephone Wire Basket 

86. Pretty Pastel Crochet Basket 

87. Festive and Colorful Tortilla Basket

88. Multi Color Mexican Woven Baksets 

89. Colorful Purple and Green Basket 

Handmade colorful baskets

90. Recycled Junk Mail Basket 

91. Colorful Diamond Basket with Lid 

92. Rainbow Coffee/Tea Cup Basket 

93. Green and Blue Grass Basket 

94. Rainbow Coil Basket 

95. Colorful Tall Woven Basket 

96. Bold and Colorful Coil Basket 

97. Colorful Puzzle Basket 

98. Rainbow Beaded Basket with Lid 

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