Top 10: 50 United States Home Decor and Art from Etsy, Perfect for House Warming, Wedding and Birthday Gifts

Everyone takes pride in their state, weather you were born there, moved there and love your new home state, or met someone on the opposite side of the county and want to show unity between the love that came from two states, it’s a wonderful way to personalize your home. I looked through all of the home decor items for the 50 states on Etsy and found the most unique, fun and colorful additions for your home. They would be wonderful gifts for home warming, weddings and birthdays. Below each of the clusters of items you will find direct links to the Etsy shop you can buy them in.

Top 10 etsy fifty state gifts for house warming and weddings 1. State Landmark Poster: These colorful posters are so neat, they feature the landmarks, state memorabilia and other unique things about each state, would be a great way to honor your home state in a frame on your living room wall! You can buy this at LouPaper 2. State Beer Cap Holder: This is wonderful for beer lovers across the country, great way to collect all of the caps from breweries in your home state, great gift for a house warming party. You can buy this at LittleFoxEngraving 3. Floral State Embroidery: I am so in love with these, what a unique and beautiful way to showcase your home state and some of the landscapes from it, would be lovely to pop into a baby nursery or a gallery wall that needs some circle shapes added to it. You can buy this at LemonMadeShop Top 10 fifty state gift ideas for birthday wedding home decor 4. State Mason Jar Flower Vase: Such a lovely decoration that is also useful as a flower vase, would be great for flowers or even small keepsakes from your home state. You can buy this at StateYourLoveLLC 5. Colorful State Plate: These is so unique, like nothing I’ve ever seen, would be awesome to display on a wall , how about buying the state plates as your family visits the states??? You can buy this at FishKissBrand 6. State Pillow: A great addition to any couch or bed would be these fun felt cut out pillows of the 50 states, you can find your state, and I believe you can even ask for a certain color as well. You can buy these at LoveCalifornia  Best state themed gift ideas for home decor or birthday 7. Colorful State Collage: This colorful and fun mixed media art would be a nice pop of color for any room, I love the stripes of different patterns. You can buy this at HeartFeltByRobin 8. State String Art: What a wonderful way to show pride for your home state and city!  You can get this done in a variety of colors, wouldn’t it be wonderful for a wedding gift? You can buy this at GrizzlyandCo 9. State Alphabet: Wouldn’t this be the best for a baby or kids room? It has beautiful illustrations as well as the letters of the alphabet in relation to things from that state. You can buy this at AbbieIllustrations 10. State Silhouette: This is such a beautiful and modern looking piece of art for your home. It features the state in the middle with landscapes painted on the outside frame. You can buy this at MyWildBlueYonder

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