Who doesn’t love geometric art? Geometric art is a great way to add meditative, abstract, colorful art to any space. I like how you can just get lost in the color and shapes, artwork that doesn’t have a direct item, object or story to tell is kind of refreshing. Some of the art has set colors with different Hughes, others are all different colors, and some have more computer generated exact shape creation while others are organic and hand drawn. Check out all of the top colorful geometric art I discovered on Etsy, I found and feature below the best of the best so you an find the perfect piece for your home, below each of the images are direct links for purchasing them.

Colorful bold unique geometric artwork for home

1. Colorful Honeycomb: These dreamy hexagons featuring multiples Hughes of color is so mesmerizing.  I like the mix of the soft colors with the bold colors, it’s a refreshing balance and would be a wonderful edition to any room in your home. You can buy this at CassiaBeckCollage

2. Colorful Confetti: I love the fact that you can get a circle one, triangle one or square confetti picture. The trio of all three of them together is great, it might even be cool to use them all on a gallery wall mixed with other frames so you have something similar that ties it together. You can buy this at  BeguimaStudio

3. Leaves of Color: These leaf like shapes have a much more organic feel to them rather than looking exact. I could see this in a kitchen or tiki themed room, for some reason it reminds me of the tiki room at Disneyland it has a retro touch to it. You can buy this at Twoems

Colorful unique bold abstract geometric artwork from etsy for home decor

4. Pixel Colors: This reminds me of pixelation in a way, I also like the fact that the colors are different on any given section of the piece, so you could totally hang this in a number of ways, even rotating it on the regular to keep it fresh and new. You can buy this at Twenty3Stars

5. Pieces of Pie:  This piece of art is so mesmerizing I enjoy how the color rotations between each of the pie slices, it looks like there are only 12 colors rotated, but it is done in such a interesting way. You can buy this at Godiche

6. Geometric Alphabet: This is a no brainer for a baby room, kids room or near a bookshelf.  It’s such a unique and playful way to display the alphabet. You can buy this at  GatheredNestDesigns

7. Triangle Rainbow: I LOVE how teach triangle in this piece is a different shade of color, the spaces of white between each of the triangles really makes it pop in a beautiful way! You can buy this at LittleMissMissy

Unique rainbow colored modern retro geometric artwork

8. Stacked Bowls: I like how the shapes are hand drawn and are each different shapes and heights it gives it so much definition and life, again because it’s a geometric piece of art it could easily be turned in many different directions. You can buy this at DigitalKekeArt

9. Tringle and Diamonds: The texture on this piece is great, I like the graininess to all of the shapes, they also layered and overlapping in an interesting way. You can buy this at TheModernArtShop

10. Color Carnival:  The triangles in this piece are stacked in both up and down directions creating some diamonds and some large or small triangles, I like that the art is directly in the middle as well so the outside frame is just white. You can buy this at DesTroy