If you’re anything like me you live for Fall, you eat, sleep, dream and breath pumpkins, crunchy leaves, crisp air, family gatherings, cider, pumpkin spiced lattes and have a pumpkin tattoo (ok maybe not that, but I actually do have three pumpkins tattooed on my arm, thats dedication) you will love this round up! I scoured Etsy for over an hour and found the top 10 most unique, colorful and fun pumpkin decor you won’t find anywhere else, handmade of course by some awesome artisans.  Check out the collection below, buy some for your home with the direct links we provide and Fall into love with the season of Autumn, Happy Pumpkin time!

Screen Shot 2018 09 26 at 4 28 37 AM 1. Succulent Plush Pumpkin: OMG, my two favorite things in the world brought together?! This beautiful pumpkin has some felt succulents on top of its crown, there are a huge variety of beautiful plant adorn pumpkins in the shop, I would grab like 3-5 of these and gather them for a table center piece! You can buy this at Forever Felt Designs Colorful and unique pumpkin fall home decor 2. Pumpkin Trip Pillow: These pumpkins in three different sizes and three different fabrics is adorable, this would be great for a seasonal accent pillow on your couch. You can buy this at SheriSewSweet 3. Pumpkin Garland: Wouldn’t this be the cutest garland to string on a fireplace? I just love the little pumpkins, and appreciate that some color was added with the teal and mustard balls as well. You can buy this at LoaLy Inc 4. Mini Pumpkins: How cute are these little guys, it would be a wonderful way to put little pops of fall pumpkins throughout your home sneaking it into bookshelves etc. You can buy this at Maryolla 5. String Art Pumpkin: OMG again the combo of cactus and pumpkin…. How unique and fun is this? It would be beautiful on a gallery wall year round even! You can buy this at Strings By Jen Screen Shot 2018 09 26 at 4 27 37 AM 6. Happy Fall Sign: Hello, front door material right here, the felt floral accents and the greenery on the ends really take this sign to a whole other level, it would really look great on your front door with a gathering of pumpkins and some rust colored mums right? You can buy this at The Turquoise Leaf Unique autumn decor for fall pumpkins 7. Felt Flower Pumpkin: This is such a unique concept, taking felt flowers to make the shape of a pumpkin, it would be great for any gallery wall, and what about year round decor for us pumpkin lovers, it can pass as spring decor as well it has flowers in it right?! You can buy this at Purple Petunia Designs 8. Pumpkin Magnets: You can’t neglect your fridge, it needs some fall flair too! These adorable little felt pumpkin magnets would be the perfect thing to hang autumn photos on your fridge, or the latest halloween coloring book page your little one finished. You can buy this at KJW Crafts 9. Fabric Pumpkins: I love how simple and beautiful these fabric pumpkins are, and its such a nice touch to have the stick accent for the stem, brings some nature into the picture which is always nice. You can buy this at Blakes Work  10. Pumpkin Patch Welcome Mat: Another great addition for your Autumn front door set up, this welcome mat is customizable with your families name, hello? How freaking cool is that! You can buy this at Three Arrows Co