Who doesn’t love desserts, what about dessert pillows? These sweet pillows take decorative pillows to a whole other level! I went onto Etsy to find the top 10 cutest and most unique dessert pillows, everything from sweets to the coffee and milk you pair with your dessert. If you have a birthday, graduation or holiday gift need around the corner and need something unique be sure to check out the links below and get one of these pillows for a gift or your home.

1. The Blue Sprinkle Doughnut How fun is the blue frosting and colorful sprinkles on this cute doughnut?! Purchase this pillow here… JtruDesigns Il 570xN 606516546 csn8 2. Rainbow Sprinkle Birthday Cupcake I love the detail in this, the bright colorful sprinkles, the cherry on top and even the way they bunched the cupcake wrapper fabric like it would really look in real life! Purchase this pillow here… WildRabbitsBurrow Il 570xN 486003069 nbqe 3. Mr. Soft Serve:  I’m really digging the retro vibe that this ice cream has going on.  The vibrant colors are great, and I like the fact that there are popsicles on back of him, its like two pillows in one. Purchase this pillow here… BettyTurbo Il 570xN 957518014 25z0 4. Starbucks Coffee Cup Pillow:  For those of you Starbucks fanatics that need your cup a day this is a dreamy pillow…. You can even hug your coffee cup when you go to bed, what a great idea for the coffee lover in your life! Purchase this pillow here… LaScatolaMagica Il 570xN 988885874 fjyy 5. Mr Happy Poptart:  Coming up upon this adorable pop tart put a big smile on my face, how cute is this pop tart? Those eyes, those blushing pop tart cheeks, that little tongue…. Awwww. Purchase this pillow… TheCrystalTree Il 570xN 873679567 1lok 6. Colorful Ice Cream Cone Pillow:  The detail on this pillow is wonderful, so wonderful infant I want to eat it! The detail on the sugar cone is awesome, what a great gift for the ice cream lover in your life, this is on my birthday wish list! Purchase this pillow here… WildRabbitsBurrow Il 570xN 1490844119 pgse 7. Milk Pillow: With all of those desserts your eating you know you need a glass of milk to wash it down…. This is adorable with the little red and white stripe straw. Purchase This Pillow Here… MyLittleBibDana Il 570xN 957524064 l1o2 8. Nutella Jar Pillow: This is what dreams are made of! Look at the wonderful detail on the image, great work, and it looks so soft and cuddly! Purchase this pillow here… LaScatolaMagica Il 570xN 819105786 hhmo

9. Pink Iced Cupcake: This looks delish and would be a fun edition for any couch across the country, love the yummy icing. Purchase this pillow here… NerdPillo

Il 570xN 1470566043 judq 10. Mr. S’more: If s’mores had faces, this face is spot on lol. I love the face on him as well at the detail in the gram crackers, wonderful! Purchase this pillow here… Danger0usangel103