Happy 4th of July! In honor of all the fun and colorful fireworks that will be taking place all over the country tonight, I thought it would be fun to do a top 10 list of the most unique and colorful coffee and tea mugs on Etsy. I went through listings for about 45 minutes and found all the cutest ones so you don’t have to. These would be wonderful gifts for house warming gifts, weddings, birthdays or teacher day! Check out all the beauty below, below each mug is a direct link to the Etsy shop you can buy the mug, get a unique gift and support handmade artists and crafters….

Top ten most colorful tea and coffee mugs on etsy

1. Watercolor Dog Mug: This Etsy shop has over 800 mugs to choose from, every animal and dog you can imagine, people, sports, nature items, there is for sure something for everyone! You can buy this mug and many more at 1 Gallery Above

2. Rainbow Colored Texture Cups: These are so fun with the texture and the color patch work, would not only be wonderful for a morning cup of tea, but also great to display on an open shelf in your kitchen. You can buy this cup here Smiling Alligator

3. Tropical Pineapple Mug: If you are a beach fan, you have to check this shop out, they have mermaid, pineapple and octopus cups and much more, perfect for a beach home or person who loves the sea. You can buy this mug here Blue Room Pottery

4. Solid Color Rainbow Cups: I love the simplicity of these cups, they are so beautiful to look at, I could totally see how pretty these would look hanging on a mug shelf in the kitchen above a sink, or even stacked up next to a coffee maker. You can buy this cup here Pokutska Keramika

Rainbow colored coffee cups on etsy in a glaze

5. Rainbow Polka Dot: I am sooooo in love with these cups, they are officially going onto my Christmas and Birthday wish lists haha. The polka dots are so whimsical and fun, and the rainbow spirals inside the cup, omg heaven, love love love! You can buy these mugs here and many more they make In A Glaze

Top 10 most colorful and unique tea cups and coffee cups on etsy

6. Mosaic Glass Rainbow Mug: Isn’t this cup so different? I love that you can see through it, it reminds me of stained glass, it would be perfect for lemonade on a hot summer day and tea on a cold one, would even look beautiful displayed on a window sill so the light could dance through it. You can buy this mug here Vitraaze

7. Rainbow Stripe: You can’t go wrong with a classic colorful stripe design, this would be a wonderful vessel for a teachers day gift, I can see it holding a gift card, some nice pens, homemade cookies and wrapped in clear cellophane to gift a teacher for appreciation day, how cute would that be? You can buy this mug here In A Glaze

8. Flower Retro Mug: I love the fun retro vibe that this mug gives off, the colors are spot on and so cheery, you can’t help but look at this mug and turn your frown upside down, it’s such a beautiful design. You can buy this mug here Bonnie Bruno

8. Colored Dot Mugs: I like the simplicity of these and the colors as well, fun and whimsical espresso cups, they would be a nice color pop stacked up next to your espresso machine. You can buy these here JMN Pottery 

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10. Colorful Owl Mugs: I myself am an owl fan, and if you are one or know someone who is this is perfect for them. What a wonderful gift idea for owl lovers, and you can choose from so many yummy colors, I love how some of the colors have pretty speckles in them too. You can buy these mugs here Creativity Happens