Colorful macrame wall art is a wonderful way to add both texture and color to any room in your house. It would be wonderful for the end wall of a hallway or the head of a bed in a bedroom. I went onto Etsy and found the top 10 most colorful, unique and bold macrame wall tapestry art pieces, below are the direct links to the crafters and their Etsy shop so you can purchase one for your home!

Colorful boho macrame wall art

1. Colorful Kids Room Macrame:The playful colors in this piece are so fun, it would be perfect for a baby or kids room, what a wonderful gift for a baby shower, great for a hippie mama. You can buy this here… Nova Mercury

2. Beach Home Boho Macrame: How dreamy is this, isn’t it perfect for a beach home on the coast as a backdrop to a seashell and drift wood collection! You can buy this here…  Mais Jewelry

3. Green Blue and Orange Gold Macrame: I love the pattern of this piece, it would look wonderful by a record player or mini bar, it has a fun retro vibe to it doesn’t it! You can buy this here… Meraki Knot Shop

Long and colorful boho macrame wall art

4. Rainbow Colored Macrame: This is so colorful and yummy, the narrow and longness of the design would make it perfect for a small wall space near a door or entry way. You can buy this here… Fern Tiger Studio 

5. Pink, Teal and Mustard Macrame: OMG, the color combination here is very unexpected, but they really go together in a dreamy way, this is already on my birthday and Christmas list! You can buy this here… Majami Studio 

6. Playful Macrame: This piece is so organic and the texture is out of this world, I love the depth, color and layers of design with this piece, it would be a wonderful addition to any room. You can buy this here… JuliaTovarM

7. Pink and Purple: Im loving the subtle colors in this piece, it’s very lovely and would be fantastic in a room that had a chill vibe such as a bedroom or meditation room. You can buy this here… Sanquil Art

Unique and colorful boho wall art

8. Forest Macrame: The different thickness and texture of the material used as well as the design is awesome, this would be killer above a fireplace mantel for sure, with a collection of nature items like pinecones, sticks, rocks and moss, dreamy. You can buy this here… Moss Hound Designs 

9. Blue red and yellow: What a fun piece, because of the shape of it, you would totally work this guy into a gallery wall I bet. You can buy this here… Kadrizinha

10. Rainbow Garland: Wouldn’t this be a wonderful piece to have for birthday parties, you can use and reuse it every year for parties of all kinds! How fun is that!? You can buy this here… One Hay Or Another