Top 10: Most Unique Cactus and Succulent Home Decor Gifts Online

Have you noticed that succulents and cacti are totally the in thing right now?! I know I was excited about the most recent fad because I have long been a lover of everything cactus.  I snagged myself some cute cactus bed sheets, artwork and even a day planner with succulents on it.  If you are like me and can’t get enough of the cute cactus stuff, or have a friend or family member thats a cactus lover, here are the top ten coolest and most unique cactus gifts I found on Etsy, and believe me when I say I did like 2 hours of digging, these gifts were by far the best for any and all cactus lovers everywhere…. The links are also provided so you can quickly and easily find and buy them.

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1. Colorful Embroidery Cactus Art Kit: I just fell in love with the colors and the fun shapes of the cactus’s. This is a craft kit, so it’s perfect for the cactus lover you know that’s also crafty.  Purchase it here… Brittany Davies Art 

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2. Adorable Plus Saguaro with Flower:  Isn’t this just the cutest little plush saguaro? The colors are amazing and its so well made, it would be great for a kids room, or even a fun pillow addition on the living room couch. Purchase it here… And Monster Toys 

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3. Pastel Colored Cactus Coasters: I fell in love with these adorable cactus coasters, it would be the perfect addition to any cactus lovers kitchen or living room tables.  Purchase it here… Coast To Coaster Canada 

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4. Cactus Quote Art: Who doesn’t love home quote art, throw in the awesomeness of the cactus with the home quote and you’ve got pure gold, this would be perfect for a house warming gift or wedding gift for the cactus lover you know. Purchase it here… Blursbyai Shop

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5. Crochet Cactus in a Teacup: Isn’t this the most whimsical little cactus you’ve ever seen, it would be great for someones office cubicle or in a room that doesn’t get much light but needs a cute plant, this is already on my gift wish list! Purchase it here… Selenite Rose 

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6. Vibrant Cactus Tapestry: The colors in this tapestry are nothing short of dreamy, it would be lovely on a bedroom or living room wall wouldn’t it? Purchase it here… WFrancis Design 

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7. Cute Baby Cactus Mobile: Adorable gift for a baby shower of a cactus lover, but heck even as an adult grown women I was thinking of ways to incorporate this into my home, it’s just too damn cute! Purchase here… Miracle Baby Decor 

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8. Decorative Cactus Home Pillow: I’m super picky when it comes to selecting my decorative pillows for my couch at home, this was my winner of all the cactus pillows I spotted on Etsy, the colors are fun and the design isn’t overwhelming, its so whimsical. Purchase it here.. August Place UK

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9. String Art Saguaro Cactus: Who doesn’t love some string art, especially cactus string art, this would be a wonderful addition to any gallery wall in your home and would give such vibrant and lively color pop. Purchase it here… Indigo Rose Design Co. 

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10. Funny Cactus Welcome Mat: Who does like something punny? This welcome mat gives a good laugh and serves a useful purpose, a great addition to any and every cactus lovers home. Purchase it here…  Endie Co. 

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