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Do you find yourself living in an apartment with a very small and limited patio? A lot of apartment goers dream of having beautiful plants to enjoy, but sometimes it’s near impossible to figure out how to make it work. I will be going over the top 10 ways to create a fun and funky, colorful patio that you can really enjoy, even if you have very small amounts of space.

This apartment patio was my very first apartment I moved into with my now husband over 5 years ago, we’ve since moved, but I still have fond memories of this colorful patio of plants. I hope you get inspired by some ideas and apply them to your own little oasis!

IMG 4550 1. When space is tight go vertical

Space on our patio was narrow, so one thing we were aways keeping an eye out for was free or cheap shelving that we could put to use on the patio to fit as many plants as possible.  This particular piece of wood was some old wood rack we happened to find in a dumpster alley, but you could use an old bookshelf, pallets or anything else laying around your home you could convert to vertical style shelving.

Trashy Crafter Top Ten Small Apartment Garden Tips 12 1024x512 2. Use a wide variety of pot planter sizes

When you have limited space, you want to be sure to use a variety of pot sizes, it create a space where your eyes are more focused on the fun and playfulness of the different sized plants in different sized pots, it makes it whimsical and gives it variety, and variety is the spice of life!

Apartment Garden Ideas Colorful Relaxing Urban Garden Trashy Crafter1 3. Cactus and succulent are low maintenance and big bang for your buck! 

I really like to use cactus and succulents in apartment patio gardens for a lot of reasons. They don’t take a ton of water, they are easy to care for (for the most part) they don’t make a huge mess by dropping leaves or flowers all over your patio, which means a lot less upkeep and sweeping. And best of all they are so unique and eye catching, they look great year round instead of seasonal plants.

IMG 4577 4. Water features bring rest and relaxation to your whole apartment

Making a small water feature, even just a basic pot water fountain, brings birds to your patio for a drink, it gives you a relaxing sound of a bubbling brook and brings nature a little closer to your urban home.

Apartment Garden Ideas Colorful Relaxing Urban Garden Trashy Crafter 5. Make the apartment garden your own 

Since an apartment patio is such a small and condensed space you can really deck it out and make it your own style. Don’t hold back, make it the centerpiece of your living room or bedroom slider window, it will bring the outdoors in and give you a sanctuary you can rest, relax and reflect in.

Trashy Crafter Top Ten Small Apartment Garden Tips 4 1024x1024 1 6. Add some Art to the garden 

Throw some gnomes, wind-chimes, sculptures, signs etc. A great place to find fun and affordable items for your yard are the local thrift stores or swap meets, they often have unique and affordable items you can use as is or touch up to make it really gel well with the style you’ve got going on.

Trashy Crafter Top Ten Small Apartment Garden Tips 11 1024x512 7. Match the style plant to the right pot planter

Take the time to make sure the plants you purchase match the pot they are in. You want the pot color to compliment the plant, you also want the shape to gel well, if your plant hangs over the edge use a taller pot so it has room to spread out and hang over the pot lip, if you plants are smaller you can plant them together to make a little grouping, you can even use items like the washboard I found and used in front of plants to make it look like a wash bucket.

Trashy Crafter Top Ten Small Apartment Garden Tips 3 1024x1024 8. Herb gardens

If you find yourself cooking meals at home a lot an herb garden is a wonderful idea. It’s beautiful and functional, you can bunch certain types of herbs together, and grow them in long planter boxes, terra-cotta pots or even in long planter boxes you can hang on a fence or railing if space is really an issues, just name sure what ever you use has good drainage so you don’t get root rot.

Trashy Crafter Top Ten Small Apartment Garden Tips 5 1024x1024 9. Group your plants 

Things always look better in groups rather than being alone. When you have the plants potted and are figuring out a layout, start with grouping them, it works best if you have a larger pot with two mediums or a large with a medium and a small, you can even group with gnomes or statues.

Trashy Crafter Top Ten Small Apartment Garden Tips 101 1024x512 10. Use cute plant labels

I would label my herb garden so that when friends and family, or neighbors came over for dinner or to visit I could offer them some herbs to take home. They can just check out what you have with the labels and pick on their own what to take home.