Road Trip: Galleta Meadows Sculptures of Anza Borrego on Desert Day 2017

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October 22nd 2017 was our first year wedding anniversary, and we decided to hit the road for a local weekend road trip to our favorite desert, the Anza Borrego.  The best part was the weekend we were staying at the Borrego Springs Resort was the kick off day for Desert Days. That is when the town celebrates Desert season….. it’s the time of the year when it’s cool enough temperatures for people to enjoy the desert, that is the non-desert dwelling folks from San Diego and other surrounding areas. Most people come to visit the desert from late October-late May… before it’s too hot. Borrego springs resort Anza Borrego California

While we were there we stayed at the Borrego Springs Resort, which is great because they allow dogs to stay there with a deposit.  It was a wonderful place to stay. They have a great spa, which I got a massage at and they also have a pool, Jacuzzi, restaurant, bar and golf course on site!

Christmas Circle Anza Borrego Desert Days 2017IMG 6900

The next day we went to the Desert Days parade welcoming the start to desert season, it was at Christmas Circle, which is the main hub of downtown Anza Borrego, they had craft venders, food and a parade as well. We ate lunch there and I also bought some goodies from local vendors.

IMG 6918 Galleta Meadows sculptures anza borrego national park Ricardo Breceda 2 IMG 6917 IMG 6919 IMG 6894 Galleta Meadows sculptures anza borrego national park Ricardo Breceda

Later in the day we took off to visit the Galleta Meadows sculptures in Anza Borrego state park by artist Ricardo Breceda. I have been to the desert countless times as a kid, but I had never visited all of the statues, there are tons of them in the park, you can actually purchase a map to travel by and locate them all, my husband and I found just about all of them, half the fun is spotting them from the car and driving up to them, it would be a great adventure with kids! We also visited a wonderful cactus nursery in Anza Borrego and bought a few to take home with us.

IMG 6878 Desert vista landscape nursery anza borrego california IMG 6847

The next day we woke up and went to Box Canyon, which is my favorite place in all of Anza Borrego Desert, it is near Little and Big Blair valley which are great locations to camp, if you have an adventure pass for the park, you can camp there for up to 2 weeks without having to pay additional fees, we have camped there a number of times.

IMG 6936 Box canyon Anza Borrego state park wedding anniversary

We hiked down box canyon with our dogs and then started a new tradition of reading our wedding vows we wrote for one another, but with updated comments on them, almost amended to what happened in that past year we were married, should be fun to collect them over the years of marriage haha!

IMG 6962 Cuyamaca state park julian california

Lastly on our way back up the Cuyamaca mountains to Julian to grab some goodies from the Cider Mill, they have wonderful homemade jams, jellies, pickled items, candy and bulk nuts and fruit, it is a must stop if you are passing through! We also grabbed a pie from our favorite place in Julian, the Julian Cafe, they have an outstanding seasonal pie which we had for our wedding in place of cake, it is pumpkin apple pie with a crumb topping, had to get one to take home with us.

IMG 7032 Julian Cider Mill California IMG 7043

It was a wonderful trip and great time for reflection, if youre looking for a fun trip for a weekend, discovering Anza Borrego desert is a great idea! They also have a wonderful welcome center to help get you aquatinted with all the awesome things to do there, I will have to do more posts on the desert in the future for sure, its a magical place!

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