Unique and Modern Vinyl Record Holders That Showcase Your Collection and Look Amazing In Your Home

After a long day at work my favorite way to relax is curling up on my favorite chair and listening a good record. For those of you who love your vinyl, you know how hard it is to find stylish and unique looking record crates or displays, for the most part it’s either the traditional looking wood or plastic crate, or a record shelf.  I figured there had to be more options out there. I went on Etsy and found some amazing hand crafted vinyl record holders, these are not only unique, but beautifully crafted and will really show off your records in a wonderful way!

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This design caught my eye immediately, it is a spin off the classic vinyl record crate, but much more modern looking with the v shaped opening and beautiful to look at with the variance in wood that they used, the sides even have nice handles for moving the boxes around. You can purchase this record holder here… I Am Luno

Wood and metal vinyl record wall holder

For those of you who have limited space this wall organizer is just what you need. It has a simple and timeless design, it would look great to have a space with multiple rows of them. You can purchase this record holder here… Prather Team

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This industrial, urban style metal create is great. I love how the openness of it exposes the records more than the traditional wood creates, it’s a piece of art in and of itself. You can purchase this record holder here.. Design Atelier Article

Copper pipe modern vinyl record holder

This design is another great idea for people with limited space, the industrial urban style of it with the copper pipes is pretty sweet looking! You can purchase this record holder here… The Copper Works 

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This is such a sleek and unique design I’ve never seen before, talk about eye catching. This would look great next to a record player to hold your favorite vinyl. You can purchase this record holder here… West Coast Modern LA 

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The design of these vinyl boxes is so cool, they are light weight and come with a few different images on the front, they also break down flat, so if you need to break them down for storage it’s easy, great design. You can purchase these record holders here… Romany House

Minimalist metal wall holder for vinyl records

This design amazed me, not only does it hold a pretty huge amount of records, but I love how it’s modular, you can hang it on a wall, set them on shelves or set them right next to your player. You can purchase this record holder here… Filledefer83

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Being into recycled crafts I really dig this vinyl record holder.  It would be a great place for your favorite vinyl next to the record player. You can purchase this record holder here.. Lincoln Manor

Metal modern vinyl record rack holder

This is a cool holder, very simple and also with a design you can either place right next to your record player, or on a shelf below it. You can purchase this record holder here… Karma Deefa

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This holder is a bit more rustic looking, but I really like the holders on the top sides for moving it around as well as the light wood inlay on the bottom. You can purchase this record holder here.. Langan Custom Woods

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This is a nice little tweak on the classic wood create for records, I love the new modern style they did by leaving the center part more open. You can purchase this record holder here… Wicker Wood Works 

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